About N.A. Soleil

N.A. Soleil is the author and creator of The Metacosm Chronicles.

N.A. Soleil is a portmanteau pseudonym of the two authors’ names.

A is an opinionated intellectual with a penchant for theology, psychology, politics, hard sciences and mathematics. They are a combat veteran with severe complex PTSD and bipolar. They’ve traveled all over the world and enjoy video games. The majority of the Metacosm was crafted by them over several decades, influenced by D&D, real and emerging science, world observations, video games and books.

A is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

N is a neurodivergent (autistic and ADHD) creative magpie. While writing fantastical stories and drawing the characters from them was something she’d done since she was a child, it was discovering anime (specifically, Pokemon and Sailor Moon) that led N into the arts seriously. Her long list of creative interests include photography, 3D, illustration, videography, fashion design, character design, and, of course, writing. N has the rare genetic connective tissue disorder Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a myriad of fun comorbidities.

N is genderfluid and uses any pronoun.

Current Works

Independently Published ISBN: 979-8376316764

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