What are the Metacosm Chronicles?

Stories from a place of concept: science fantasy novels by N.A. Soleil, a portmanteau pseudonym of the two authors’ names. N is an AuDHD creative magpie with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and A is an uncompromising intellectual combat veteran with severe C-PTSD and bipolar.

We’ve been developing the Metacosm Chronicles’ expansive universe over almost two decades, informed by creative works spanning the spectrum from classic literature to video games, and elements of academia like theology, hard and theoretic sciences, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. The Chronicles take a sapient-centered view of the Metacosm’s structured foundation, one that often pulls directly from our life experiences.

More than anything, we wanted to pose the question, “what if?” and have a damn good time attempting to answer it.

What are our plans? Aside from Everdark, we have two books completely written and ready to be released on a staggered schedule of one book per year in March. We have the fourth book in the series half-written (as of early 2023) and a bunch of other side-projects we’re always working on (to include a serial we’ve been writing for four years with a local artsy magazine, Tumbleweird. You can check that out on their Patreon!)

Metacosm is massive, and we have a lot to show you.

What is the Metacosm?

A metacosm is described in three ways:

A system that encompasses cosmos systems.

A transcendent field of higher forces beyond the macrocosm (created world).

A manifestation of God.

Which of these defines our Metacosm?


What will you find here?

Our books, of course! Book One: Everdark is available as an eBook or paperback from Amazon OR as a paperback with a free bookmark from our shop!

Metacosm Merch! Right now we have an awesome, durable bookmark with original artwork but hopefully soon we’ll have all sorts of things!

News and info about Metacosm itself and what we’re doing! We’re also on almost all the social medias as MetacosmChronicles, except for Twitter which is MetacosmSeries.

Updates are in the News section, but if you want updates directly to your inbox, sign up below! (Updates are about once a month, sometimes less: we won’t spam you with daily emails, promise. We hate that crap.)