Nyx Naia Stock Terms Of Use

Nyx Naia Stock

If you use my stock please tag/credit me!

NyxNaiaStock on Twitter or Deviantart. Courtney Simonds elsewhere. 

Please consider tipping me on my ko-fi: http://ko-fi.com/courtneysimonds 

For ART REFERENCES, meaning you are using my stock as a reference for drawing/painting/illustration/sculpting:

– You can use my stock to help you draw anything, but if it’s fetish/erotic art, I don’t particularly want to be credited or tagged.

– You can sell prints/merch of your artwork without contacting me as long as you are crediting me.

For PHOTO MANIPULATIONS, meaning you are directly taking my images and editing them in a photo software:

– You must change it significantly. Do not simply make it black and white or change the colors or give me makeup and call it a day. I understand that everyone needs to practice, and please do so, but unless it is significantly changed from the source image, I would ask that you not post it publicly. 

– DO NOT make erotic/fetish photo manips with my stock, period.

– As long as the above is held true, I give permission for my stock to be included in prints/merch.

For both ART REFERENCES and PHOTO MANIPULATIONS, commercial pursuits beyond an individual attempting to monetize their personal art, email me at nyxnaiastock@gmail.com with your project idea.

If you need a specific image that has my watermark over a small part of it, without the watermark, email me at the above!

Questions you might have

1. Why do you focus on your hair so much? Can’t someone just wear a wig for references?

Yes, absolutely! But synthetic wigs aren’t real hair, and very few (very expensive) human hair wigs are as long as my natural hair is. Synthetic ‘hair’ doesn’t act, hang, fall, or interact the same way real hair does.

2. What kind of stock do you do?

I focus on three things: characters, lighting, and underwater.