Everdark (Paperback)


A teenage girl with psionic power escapes from abusive parents to another planet, becomes entangled in a war against invading forces … and her own mind.

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“If I stay … I’ll kill them all.”

Sixteen year old Redd is a runaway with psionic powers and PTSD.

While escaping the parents who experimented on her, Redd unwittingly opens a portal to a planet populated by the last remnant of the angelic species. Trouble follows. With nowhere else to go, she is caught up in an intergalactic conflict: the militant, space-faring Rangers and their allies must prevent the fortress Everdark, the angels’ last bastion, from being overrun by evil forces.

The abuse Redd survived takes its toll in the form of nightmares, mood swings, and paranoia — but there is comfort in combat, so she joins the front line. There, she discovers that she can wield terrible power at the behest of a mysterious entity residing somewhere within her, though the transaction is not in her favor. Clinging to an often nebulous connection to shared reality, she becomes inextricably involved with more than just the battle to protect the angels.

The events of Everdark are the key to a mechanism that, with Redd and her companions as integral gears, will start a countdown. And at zero … a shift in the core of the metacosm, one written into its very code before Time began.


Everdark is book one in the Metacosm Chronicles, a science fantasy universe decades in the making between its two authors, N. and A. Soleil.

Comes with a free bookmark!

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