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There will be many and varied Chronicles as time goes on. For now, we’re telling of a very specific series of events that will not just introduce readers to the Metacosm, but set the foundation for things to come.

With that in mind, there isn’t one ‘main character’ we can point to around which all things circle. If you boil it way, way down, we probably have five — at least for this current story arc.

Redd, Ara, Chani, Ty, and Pheonix.

Redd is the character whose story Everdark largely follows. A sixteen year old psionic human, suffering from PTSD from years of medical abuse perpetrated by her parents. She largely doesn’t know what’s happening nor even who she is, and often clings to sarcasm as a way to react to this entirely new universe she’s found herself in. On the surface, Redd may come across as a typical bratty teenager, but she is deeply mentally ill and fighting herself at every step.

Ara Luschia Invenes is the first person (or, rather, angel) Redd consciously meets after tumbling through the portal to Haven, the last bastion of the angels, and the two girls form a quick bond. Ara is a scholarly, proper to a fault, naturally-gifted Healer who prefers to focus on others’ problems rather than her own. (Redd calls it the ‘mother of all mother-of-all-living complexes’) Despite her natural empathy, she’s surprisingly staunch in the face of horror, having learned to lean on her intellectualism to bypass emotion in times of crisis. She can be oddly naive and vain in ways she doesn’t often show and is ashamed of.

Chanilinaucanau M’tyoiderit Abyssterilon (more commonly shortened to Chani Abyssterilon or, to her contemporaries, Abyss) is the eccentric Special Projects Commander for the militaristic Rangers. Her facade is that of easy confidence and competence, and while those are traits she does actually possess, she’s also incredibly cunning and knows far more than she lets on. The epitome of an extrovert who thrives while directly working with other sapients, she only took her Commander post reluctantly (and that’s putting it lightly) and leverages a position she never wanted to facilitate her one-and-true goal: progress. It’s no wonder she collects disenfranchised youths like Redd, Ara, Pheonix and Ty. To them, she acts not only as a mentor but often as a mother. (But don’t you dare call her any version of that word.) Aside from people, her main joys in life are inventing, experimenting, machinery, and tinkering.

Tyyrulriathula (or Ty) is an elven Seventh and one of the youngest Bladesingers ever chosen by a Lawblade. He’s relentlessly flippant, passionate, and would rather be smithing than dealing with the politics his position as Bladesinger entangle him in. Despite his natural contrarian nature, he’s not irresponsible or ignorant. He’s just stifled by his lot in life and takes every chance to give the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) finger to the stuffy elves in power.

Pheonix Barandor. The boy who rang the bells. The Ascended and Lord of Justice.

A genetic experiment who spent his infancy and youth with slavers and only survived by way of his inexplicable immortality. Incapable of feeling most emotions beyond a whisper and certain emotions not at all, Pheonix is polite and empathetic but at a base level doesn’t understand sapients and sapient interaction. A young man still, he nonetheless possesses terrifying power. And that power is put towards his only raison d’être: Justice.

There they are! To learn more about them, pick up our book Everdark!

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